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Since when has mental weakness become admirable?

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 Cinnamon    28,895

I have to wonder about all of these people who are needing Play-doh, therapy dogs, cry-ins and days off just because they didn't get their way in the election.  

The Marxist/left has proven to be the most violent all through this election process. So, who is who?  

Why is the media showing all these people in such a wimpy light?  They drive public opinion.  Seeing all this vs. what they really do... which is destroy private property and bully anyone who doesn't go along with their ideas, this is a conundrum. 

Anyone have any idea what's up with this?  


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 Talon    716

Well, in part, I think we're finally seeing exactly how f***ed up the last generation is from all of the gmos, emfs, etc. And then there's this...


We're Being Played

The explosion of emotions triggered by the recent presidential election caught many off guard. Across the country, friendships have been lost, family members estranged, and hostility has boiled over in many communities.

In our consumer culture we're sold lots of things. Two weeks ago it might have been jeans and a TV, but last week it was fear. And Loathing. People were sold fear and loathing, and now it is ruining friendships, making people miserable, and driving the country apart.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time on the “why” of this story. The “why” is a mix of competing interests including simple commerce (fear sells), political gain, and creating divisiveness within the population for other purposes.  

So, what’s going on?

Sadly, in many cases, I think people have simply been manipulated in traumatic fashion and we're now dealing with the emotional and social repercussions. 

What do I mean by that?

In response to another comment on this site from a teacher whose students were expressing severe emotional distress over the Trump win, contributor Dave Fairtex offered these insights (emphasis mine):

(…)   His students' reaction is NOT about losing an election.  It's because these people watch media, and the (Clinton-controlled) media spent the last four months working overtime to program everyone in the country that Trump is a soulless monster come to eat them and their families, roasting their babies on a spit while laughing, and so on.


This emotional programming has been extremely effective.  That's why people are rioting now.  Not because they aren't good losers, but because they've been successfully emotionally programmed by the Clinton Campaign's media arm (CNN, CNBC, and millions of scary social media posts), who are very good at what they do.


Emotional programming… This is something that we need to discuss because it is very real. It is happening right now and will continue to bombard us. And humans are highly susceptible to it.

Not because they're weak; but because they're unaware of it.  If you aren't aware of the tricks and devices used to persuade, lead, and sometime mislead your emotions and actions, then you cannot protect yourself from these efforts.


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 Lucy Barnable    5,393

I think they are Bully-Victims.

Children who have bullied others and been bullied themselves are called bully-victims. A large body of research has documented the difficulties associated with being bullied and with bullying other children. For instance, children who are bullied suffer more greatly from anxiety, depression, loneliness, and post-traumatic stress than do other children, and they have a heightened risk of suicide (1). Children who bully are more likely than other youngsters to experience peer rejection, conduct problems, anxiety, and academic difficulties, and to engage in rule-breaking behavior (2, 3).
Recent research has shown that a substantial number of children have been victimized by bullying and have bullied others in turn. In one recent study, about one third of the children who either bullied others or were bullied themselves were identified as bully-victims (1). Schwartz and his colleagues (4) have suggested that a distinguishing feature of bully-victims is that they struggle to control their emotions. For example, bully-victims may unintentionally prompt children to bully them again by reacting very emotionally to teasing, threats or physical aggression, and may have similar problems controlling feelings of anger and frustration, predisposing them to retaliatory aggression.


The bullying doesn't have to real... they only have to believe it is in order to retaliate.
If someone is told over and over again that they are a victim of some other group they will eventually believe it.
This is easily done through the public education system where children spend most of their time learning a plethora of things that aren't true.

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 Brio    1,038


think think think...

edit again. At first I thought millennials were taking back their opinions from MSM and social media manipulating but I misread the article I posted.

Oh well.



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