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Obama, Clinton, and Sanders could stop the riots but they just watch

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 Ukshep    25,439

Is it just me or have you also noticed that Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and President Obama have been silent about the protests?

The very people who have the power to stop these protests and riots with just a few well-spoken words have been completely silent on the issue.

Hillary Clinton

During her concession speech, Clinton said, “We must accept this result, and then look to the future. … Donald Trump is going to be our president. We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead.”

After that, she has been mum on the entire thing.

Hillary Clinton could have asked her followers to stop this nonsense, and they probably would have listened out of respect for her. (Misplaced respect but that’s a whole different article.) Instead, her silence makes me think that she is hidden away, relishing the chaos. That she has done nothing to attempt to calm the situation underlines the fact that she was not fit to govern. A leader would look out for the best interests of a country they love, rather than watching from afar to apply balm to her wounded ego.


Seriously this makes a good point!

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 Dewdrop    52

History will look back unkindly on Soros and those who took his money...Obama's legacy tied to this criminal is looking worse daily. His reception in other countries shows their distrust, other nations know more than the uninformed here in the U.S. ... Been saying it since the election ended, one call to the dark lord and they could end it... are they scared of him or do they know he knows too much ? Or is it they just want the money for their social engineering projects and campaigns  ? 

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 Malevolent    3,448

But your POTUS is hell bent on supporting, encouraging and further flaming the riots.  It is of his and Hillary's making in faithful service to their masters the cabal, in this case under satanic supervision of George Soreass!  

He uses every opportunity to spread his satanic gospel.  It is according to him a great thing that the "democracy expresses itself" WTF kind of fool is he?



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