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Bob Dean - The Coming of Planet X in 2016/2017

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No can watchy viddy now. P-X is here already, always has been. It is part of our skies, just like the planets, stars, sun, moon. It's not lit up and is only visible when conditions allow it to be seen. Did I just suggest that the moon is self-illuminated? Why, yes, I did.

Nibiru is not the Great Destroyer. Comets are.  And the Body Scientific knows this fact. Comets should be feared, but the real threat is tamped down because astronomers don't know when the destructive ones will appear. 

Shep, the article below belongs somewhere in your files. The event was hushed up 100 years ago, just like the truth is suppressed today. The Great Chicago Fire was not a regular fire. Burning naptha rained from the skies all over the Midwest. It melted glass and granite.


The article also mentions Coherent Catastrophism,  which looks at recurring earth-changing events every 12,000 years or so. The last such big reset was 12,000 years ago, plus or minus a century or two. 


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