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Questioning Mental Fitness of Voters and the Electoral College

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 Cinnamon    27,559

CNN floated the idea that people actually stop and consider their vote and reflect upon it, thus we should get rid of the Electoral College and go mob rule.  

Anyone that wants to change the electoral system had better study the map and realize that if Hillary had been allowed to win, we'd have the one of the biggest criminals in the history in the world as our president right now.  Does that sound like the majority know enough about that candidate to be awake and still vote for her?  Consider millions of illegals voting, or millions of Muslims voting. Does the entire country want to live under Sharia Law? The country is split up into states and they also have Constitutions, but they have to be in line with the U.S. Constitution. People hardly mention their state constitutions for that reason, that conformity with Federal Law. 

States rights come into play, as well as population density regarding the Electoral College and the number of votes each state gets. 

Some states are "take all" electoral votes or nothing.  A few split their votes up between candidates according to how their state citizens voted in their counties.  States have all the say so in Federal Elections, as individual entities. 

If you're a Texan, don't you want to still be Texan and have a voice?  Getting rid of the electoral college would violate state's rights and ERASE boundaries of states in a huge way.  The densely populated areas would control the entire government and forever.  You'd never see a conservative president again, until something happened to take their stranglehold off the rest of the country. 

Something went wrong with Hillary's popular vote. What was it?  We all know the elections have been rigged so far.  This one is no different.  All the cheating and the rigging is being done by people in the Democrat party, yet, it still didn't work.  Anyone got a breaking story on millions of Republican votes being fraudulent? 

Hmm... am I wrong here?  I'm not sure, just throwing stuff out there. I can see this kind of thinking being used further down the road to accuse people of stateism, not a word yet, but nationalism is.  That's a forbidden thing, to love the place where you were born.  



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