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Mario Stalin

Deadly Birth Control

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 Lucy Barnable    5,393

It really isn't that difficult to avoid pregnancy.
Women have used the Rhythm Method forever because it works.

Today's Natural Family Planning

When you choose natural family planning, you're relying on your own fertility awareness -- knowing when you’re most likely to get pregnant.

Today, there are plenty of tools to assist you: high-tech digital thermometers, kits that measure certain hormones in your urine, and smartphone apps. Advances in science have given us a better understanding of fertility and ovulation. But it ultimately comes back to the basics.
You may have heard your mother or grandmother mention the rhythm or calendar method. It was created in the 1930s. With it, women chart out their periods on a calendar, and gauge which days they they're fertile using simple math.

Today, there are several other ways to predict when you can get pregnant:
“With correct use, Standard Days is 95% effective and TwoDay is 96% effective,” Jennings says.

But people aren’t perfect and nature isn’t always on schedule, Johnson says. “Regardless of how careful you try to be, you can ovulate with no signs or symptoms. There is good evidence that natural family planning to prevent pregnancy will not be better than 80% effective.”

According to the CDC, the typical failure rate is 24%. That means that when mistakes among all women who use natural family planning are accounted for, roughly 1 in 4 women who use it will get pregnant.

“It takes diligence and vigilance,” Benfield says. “When we look at a large group of women, the more diligence something takes, the less effective it is. But on an individual basis, it can be effective for a very dedicated woman.”




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