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Rogue Agency Or Deliberate Asset

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Now that we clearly have a change going on, in the outside of our government, I still question the central inner area ( CIA ). 

The CIA known for its clandestine operations and no holds bar approach to world affairs, and are still key players of the collective. When the OSS gave birth to the CIA after the bombing of Pearl Harbor the agency was given virtually unlimited resources and access to whatever it needed to carry out its operations world wide. 

What the average American doesn't know is the CIA has another agency that has grown from its central root base, the NSA, and its sister agency the Pentagon's DIA. The two latter agencies were supposedly created because of the CIA's inability to deliver on (technological, NSA created)  (counter intelligence, bay of pigs debacle, DIA created)  its services. So here is where the CT radar starts operating. With all the funding and unlimited resources, what is the primary goal and function of the CIA, and why has two other agencies been formed to do their job?. In my early research into CT, it was widely accepted that the CIA was the enforcer of the collective. A rogue entity that isolated the elite from the dirty work. 

With the NSA and DIA doing the ground work, does this not leave the CIA practically free to carry out the dirty work of the elite. The scandals surrounding this rogue entity, from drug operations, gun running, destabilizing countries, to political assassination, in which most of the operations are counterintuitive to American security and stability. 

The way the government is arranged with so many agencies, bureau's, services, that operate independent and unaccountable to each other should raise a red flag to every CTer, now that some of the main player have actually been exposed to the world. People like Soros and Clinton, I think are not as high on the food chain as they think they are, and I believe there are going to be more bus tires bloodied before this mess is over. 

We can only speculate as to what the really big players will do to keep from being exposed or accelerate their plans before the whole picture comes to light. One thing is sure economies are dropping like flies, and tension is at an all time high. The collective has got its fingers in almost every pool globally, pushing for war and chaos. I've got a peace about it all, but I don't want to be hit by the train while I stare at the light at the end of the tunnel. 

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