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Obama's pointed rebuke to Clinton for election loss as he tells how HE won by going to 'every fish fry'

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 Cinnamon    22,835

I'm glad she didn't! And it wasn't all those fish frys that got him elected, he got elected because he was calling himself black and all the blacks voted for him. That's not racist of them is it? To put a complete Marxist with no birth certificate into the White House for 8 years while we all stood by and he tore the Constitution to shreds. 

Hit Clinton for taking it easy as Donald Trump barnstormed the nation

The president was taking questions for the first time since his former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, lost  to Donald Trump 

Said he was victorious in Iowa - a swing state that's mostly white - 'not because of the demographics'

Said it was because he spent 87 days going to 'every small town and fair and fish fry and VFW hall'

To Democrats who are 'discouraged' by last Tuesday's election, Obama reminded them, 'things change pretty rapidly.' 

He cast Trump as 'uniquely unqualified' to lead the country on the campaign trail; now says the country must unite behind him 


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