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Trump on 60 Minutes right now - CBS

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 CGK    2,244

I watched the interview which was nothing more that a hit piece on the Trump family by Lesley Stahl.  I was really pissed when she was hammering Trump if he was going to over turn Roe v Wade. Trump said that it should be up to the individual states to decided what they wanted to do.  I wished that I could have answered that question for Trump. My answer would have been...

Lesley, There is no excuse other than "rape" for a woman to have an unwanted pregnant in 2017. In 1973 when they passed Roe v Wade there were not many options for women. Today there are many forms of birth control available to women including, sponges, patches, birth control pills, shots, diaphragms, IUD's and a morning after pill. Abortion should not be an acceptable form of birth control in the world today!

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