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Civilian: ‘Army soldier presented info to my friend of an impending EMP attack on Texas’

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 Ukshep    21,682

Full Article Included due to nature of content! Source at Bottom

Ominous Facebook post explained

By Shepard Ambellas

AUSTIN, Tex. (INTELLIHUB) — A recent post on Facebook made by Dale Lewis has caused quite the controversy throughout the online community. The post claims that an area of Texas may soon suffer from an impending electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack, but has no evidence to back it up.

However in an interview with Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy, Lewis gave mare insight into the true intentions behind his post.

Lewis, who says his friend wants to remain anonymous, explained to Cassidy that an “Army soldier” approached his friend with some “papers”, after going absent without leave (AWOL), which detailed how an EMP attack on an area of Texas was impending.

According to Lewis his friend was so shaken up by what the soldier told him that he “is preparing as if this will happen. […] it shook him bad.”

Lewis said he made the post “encase it does happen” there will be “prior proof of it.”

An alternate theory is that the soldier in question was part of JADE HELM 15 and is innitiating some sort of PSYOP.

Source: https://www.intellihub.com/civilian-army-soldier-presented-info-to-my-friend-of-an-impending-emp-attack-on-texas/

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 RabidWolf    1,080

You know what would be funny as hell? 

If that guy really is an AWOL soldier, and the idiot forgot that his bosses are planning a large scale training exercise. He could easily be reading training material, but in this knee-jerk reaction society, he took it as being real and flipped out.

Douglas Dietrich is a good example of this kind of thing. He supposedly had access to all kind of government "secrets" but I think he failed to realize that the government treats the disinformation it creates the same as actual records of events and they are all mixed into the very same archives with nothing that says, "This is Real", or "This is a Hoax" on the page headers.

We'll see what happens, but my money is on a Big Non-Event, just like last year's Jade Helm, and the year before that...

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