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Billionaires And Astrology: Elite Belief Systems

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 Lilly    90


[snip] As the ol’ saying goes, millionaires don’t believe in astrology, billionaires do.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why?

For much of this year, there has been a particular circle I’ve been trying to square.

And that’s what a breakaway/super-elite belief system might actually look like.

This little experiment emerged from two areas. The first being my ‘Assumption of Sitchinesque Annunaki Godforms’ practices from 2012 and early 2013.

And the second is a high level overview of the last hundred years of occulted/anomalous data points, who had access to them and how that may have spun off into some separate worldviews.

Wait, there’s a third area.

Having a personal understanding of magical ritual, it is undoubtable in my eyes that ‘someone(s)’ uses ritual magic tech in large-scale public events:

And so on. As Chris Knowles points out, some of this is signalling behaviour. Some of it is just flat-out magic. Unfortunately, this leads to conspiratainers concluding things that are not only bad magic, but impossible and insane: ‘the Freemasons are trying to bring Crowley’s satanic death cult to life’ or whatever.

Here are some data points I put together on a plane after being up for 70 hours. It’s a limited list from off the top of my head and I appreciate it may only make sense to someone actually off their head. [snip]

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