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Donald Trump Must Keep His Promise to Prosecute The Clinton Crime Family

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 Dewdrop    52

Idiots really would riot... laws are laws, people in jail right now for much less. And if they really knew the things they did in places like Benghazi they would be facing decades, they need to shut up and fade away while they can...Also vote tampering needs to be a felony with mandatory jail time, that would change things.

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 Jostler    2,216

I didn't watch the video but I agree with the title.  If we're going to make any difference at all, people need to begin facing juries and doing hard time  if convicted.  Hopefully the pedophilia investigations (hello Washington Post) can replace revivals of the birther controversy  :/   Though I wouldn't mind getting back to that once a few more important and immediate investigations get rolling.

Sheriff Arpaio has done a full criminal investigation of the whole birth certificate thing, all it needs is a prosecutor.

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