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My dear friends here at COP . Putin Is Happy

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My dear friends here at COP Putin Is Happy

Putin is dancing the Russian dance of happiness . He has experienced many invitations to a proxy war over the last six months in Europe, which he has refused to pick up .
Now there are two men of mutual respect who could in fact bond together in order to oppose the darkness that has been hovering over the world for years .
Can you imagine the power of the United States and Russia combined to stop the madness in the Middle East ?
Now there is the possibility that deals can be made that are win-win instead of mutual destruction . Forget the past and the bad actors it benefited . Do not seek revenge, not matter how inviting .
Let the rule of law and the Constitution be reinstated . We have a chance now that the world has previously never had . Don’t blow this candle of opportunity out. Rather, wish good fortune to the two most powerful men in the world to put the pieces back together again .
That is why Putin is celebrating because war, so possible yesterday, is now off the playing board .
May a true detente turn into a working relationship, and maybe even a friendship ? Both Kings are doing the dance of joy as the Nobel Peace Prize is in their mutual hands if they can see it . Both know that an opportunity exists to make things right .
It can stand on a new monetary system in which gold is not a currency but rather a storehouse of value . In fact it will, as the purchase of gold by China and Russia has always been a policy, not an economically motivated action .


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