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So Hillary calls the Trump supporters The Deplorable ones

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 CSB    2,322

So Hillary calls the Trump supporters The Deplorable ones

Out of all the rallies that I watched both Trump's and Hillary's the only violence came from Democrat supporters at Trump's rallies .

:vb_wtf:  Now the Trump supporters are the Deplorable ones ?

Check this shit out ! Who is tearing up the the town ?  Are these Trump supporters ? I don't think so .

Anti-Trump crowd smashes windows & police cruiser in streets of Oakland (VIDEO)

November 10, 2016

Activists protesting the election of Donald Trump as the 45th US president smashed store windows and attacked an abandoned police car in downtown Oakland, California.

Videos of the violence have been posted on Twitter. Reports say a police helicopter was hovering above the protestors, and police declared the assembly to be unlawful, demanding it be dissolved.

Protestors also smashed the windows of local businesses, City Hall and the Oakland Chamber of Commerce and started a fire on the ground floor of the building.

There have been scenes in the streets of people burning trash bins. They also smashed the windows of an abandoned police cruiser and, according to social media reports, set the vehicle on fire.

Thousands across the US in major cities are protesting the election of Donald Trump.  Protests are taking place coast to coast, with rallies reported in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle, DC, Austin, Boston, and Chicago.

Go to this link to view some of the videos : http://www.prisonplanet.com/anti-trump-crowd-smashes-windows-police-cruiser-in-streets-of-oakland-video.html


Break out the truth about Mafia Hillary on meinstream news :coffeetime: and let the butt hurt sink in  :yeah3:


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 Dewdrop    52

Media Matters, Think Progress, Soros etc. are busing them in as they have been exposed... you would think Obama was smart enough to tell Soros to pipe down you're killing my legacy... he needs to be persona non grata as in Russia . That was a smart move. And France I believe too not sure, he committed insider trading fraud there, convicted felon...

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