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'Promising & exciting': Brain implants with wireless signal let paralyzed monkeys move normally

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At least two primates with severed spinal cords regained control of their limbs after a new wireless implant was placed in their brains. Neuroscientists now hope the brain-spine interface could help immobile human patients too.

Neuroscientists from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) developed a technology which allows the sending of signals from the brain to the muscles bypassing the damaged part of the spinal cord.

By adding a wireless brain implant and electrodes in the primates' spinal cord, scientists enabled monkeys with spinal cord injuries to walk again, research published in the journal Nature showed.



This would be great if it could actually help people. I wonder how those monkeys got their spinal cords severed in the first place.  Anyone think they searched the wild until they found some with spinal cord injuries? 

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As long as Uncle Sam isn't controlling the wireless signal, if you know what I mean.  Scary stuff, sounds great in paper though.   But then again, so did Obamacare.  Proceed with caution, the Federal Government has a habit of co opting technology like this for nefarious purposes.

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