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Rumor: Hillary Got $800 BILLION Bribe From China

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 BigRed    150

This is an example of human rights abuses in China today that Hillary Clinton ‘in your name’ may have chosen to ignore.

The U.S. has been strangely silent over this issue. A $1TRILLION bribe to look the other way involving Hillary Clinton may be the reason.

Here is just a small sample of the human rights horrors committed by the Chinese communist party.

In a SBS Dateline episode titled “Human Harvest: China’s Organ Trafficking,” a Chinese medical student reported seeing blood still pumping out of one “donor” whom he said was still alive when he cut into the body. He added that he removed that individual’s liver and two kidneys, and said the procedures under which he operated were unusually sloppy and quick.

Several respected investigators from around the world who have been looking into the allegations have come to agree that hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) of prisoners have had organs taken by the Chinese state – forcefully, and often without anesthesia. 

Gao Zhisheng is a well known Chinese human rights attorney who has been imprisoned for many years and is currently reported to be under house arrest.  This story is a rough translation from an account of a conversation overheard in prison by Gao Zhisheng of a high level prison officlal’s conversation.  The Chinese government wanted the U.S. to ignore the vast human rights issues of the Chinese, which includes the persecution of millions of Falun Gong practitioners (more HERE), forced labor and forced live organ harvesting that results in the death of the unwilling donor. 

More : http://right.is/politics/2016/11/rumor-hillary-got-800-billion-bribe-from-china-72854.html


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 Cinnamon    16,334
18 minutes ago, Malevolent said:

Maybe that's part of the reason for crying and blaming others?




Wow, even her "old friend" doesn't like her enough to keep that secret. Now those are REAL liberal tears. The only time a sociopath feels pain is when it's for them.  

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