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Connecting the Bird Flu Dots....

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 garlic    2,639

I've been keeping an eye on the bird flu stories and have some interesting observations. Follow the money. First comes the egg shortage, then the bird flu pandemic scare and the solution is (drum roll please) ......genetically modified chickens.


Poached! Bird flu leads to egg shortage, higher prices

>>>Those broken eggs may cost you more pretty soon -- assuming you can even find some eggs to buy. The recent bird flu outbreak is wreaking havoc on the nation's poultry industry and supply of eggs. About 35 million of the more than 300 million egg-laying birds in the country have had to be killed so far.<<< http://money.cnn.com/2015/06/10/investing/egg-prices-shortage-bird-flu/


Then I read this article today. (The link has a map of the states who are reporting bird flu in their bird populations)

Bird flu in Arizona?

>>>The birds in question -- 13 quail and chickens and about 40 quail and partridge eggs -- were shipped from Iowa, which is one of several states where bird flu has been confirmed. It was first detected there in April and has affected more than 30.7 million birds so far. Iowa has the most reported bird flu detections -- 74, as of this writing -- and the largest number of affected birds in the U.S.


No human infections with these viruses have been detected at this time, however similar viruses have infected people in other countries and caused serious illness and death in some cases," according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The most virulent form of the bird flu to infect humans is the H5N1 variant. Nearly 650 cases have been reported in15 countries since 2003.

Most of those who contracted bird flu had direct contact with infected birds.<<< http://www.kpho.com/story/29301321/bird-flu-in-arizona-4-az-facilities-quarantined


Now this is where things get interesting..This article is from January 2011

Genetically Modifying Chickens to Beat Bird Flu: Neat Idea, But Will it Fly?

The idea of tweaking genes for healthier, tastier or more abundant food makes some people uneasy. But what if genetically modified food could help prevent the spread of a deadly disease, saving human and animal lives as well as money?

According to a study published in Science, genetically modified chickens could stop the bird flu virus -- specifically the highly pathogenic H5N1 strain -- in its tracks. http://abcnews.go.com/Health/ColdandFlu/genetically-modified-chickens-stop-bird-flu-spread/story?id=12606320


GM Chickens That Don't Transmit Bird Flu

Breakthrough could prevent future bird flu epidemics

>>>Chickens genetically modified to prevent them spreading bird flu have been produced by researchers at the universities of Cambridge and Edinburgh.

The scientists have successfully developed genetically modified (transgenic) chickens that do not transmit avian influenza virus to other chickens with which they are in contact. This genetic modification has the potential to stop bird flu outbreaks spreading within poultry flocks. This would not only protect the health of domestic poultry but could also reduce the risk of bird flu epidemics leading to new flu virus epidemics in the human population<<< http://www.roslin.ed.ac.uk/public-interest/gm-chickens/


And a supporting article for GM chickens..

>>>One fairly novel solution exists, at least in concept—genetically engineered chicken—but before a product could even be marketed, it first needs to win over regulators and producers.

According to the study in Science journal published in January 2011, researchers in the UK genetically inserted a gene into chickens that diverted an enzyme necessary in the transmission of the bird flu H5N1. The transgenic chickens died within days, but they stopped the virus from infecting other poultry—even nontransgenic chickens.<<< http://www.geneticliteracyproject.org/2015/01/15/could-genetically-engineered-chickens-reverse-the-avian-flu-epidemics/


Remember the movie from 2011 Contagion? (this video is from 2011)




It appears they are laying the ground work for something big to happen within the next year or so. Stay tuned....

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