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Notice to Mainstream Media: Don’t Get Comfortable, You’re Next (Video)

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 BigRed    150

Is it possible that the mainstream media will learn from the lesson dished out last night to the Democrat party? Will they finally learn that We the People are sick of the lies, sick of the corruption, and sick of the collusion? I suppose anything is possible, but based on the media’s coverage thus far today, sadly it appears about as likely as me running a 5:00 minute mile in the near future. 

How many Americans voted for Trump because Wikileaks was the only source of anything honest being reported about Hillary Clinton, and people just weren’t willing to risk national security with another Democrat setting up their throne of corruption in the Oval Office?

Trump had die hard loyalists to be sure, no one would deny that, but what percentage of Americans voted for Trump despite the mainstream media’s non-stop flow of deliberate lies and utterly false nonsense being pumped out over the airwaves around the clock by the media and their social media counterparts for the better part of a year?

In the following video, I set the record straight on many of the patently false narratives that have been forced on the American people by the very people and institutions We the People depend on for accurate information. Much of it will shock the average viewer who has relied on the mainstream for their knowledge of Donald Trump. I also explain why it’s more than likely the GOP won’t have a hard time finding 5-6 Democrats willing to peel away from other Democrats trying to filibuster GOP legislation from reaching the critical number of 60 votes needed to pass legislation. 

One thing is certain: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the Democrat Party, and their machine have turned Washington into more of a cesspool of lies and corruption than Hollywood would be able to pull off in a typical fiction movie, and they FINALLY pushed the sleeping giant too far. On his radio show, Sean Hannity has been saying for weeks that once the election is settled, We the People have a few more scores to settle… and the mainstream media is next.

Donald Trump has already shown us that had a large bully pulpit before winning the Presidency. Now he has the largest bully pulpit in the world. How long do corrupt media outlets think they’ll survive if Trump starts calling for boycotting the worst among them?

It’s hard to even refer to it as being a “bully,” for merely demanding honesty, unless of course you’re dealing with liberals. They can start with being honest about the TRUE state of the economy! For the media’s sake, hopefully they’ve finally noticed… Trump has quite a large group of loyal followers. To the media; get honest, or watch your ad revenue begin to dry up.  We the People are OVER it.

Lastly, as I’ve warned about, protests are already beginning… how far they go? We’ll have to keep a close eye on that. Check out the last video to see for yourself…  http://right.is/politics/2016/11/notice-to-mainstream-media-dont-get-comfortable-youre-next-video-72838.html

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 Dewdrop    52

I'm going to work on a list that I've been putting off that will detail those who tried to lie to the public, conceal lies, practice journalism without any integrity etc. Corporations that promoted Hillary for pay to play activity as well. Then I will boycott all that I possibly can. CNN and NBC are already on the list... done. 

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