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Will Snowden be allowed back in the USA under Trump?

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Interesting times we live in.

Ed Snowden has asked to stand fair trial in the USA but the current administration has refused a public trial for Snowden's breach of contract.

Will Trump allow Snowden to stand fair trial in the USA?


Probably not the only case in a similar vein that could occur.


I also noticed Trump doesn't believe in Global Warming. He suggests it is a Chinese conspiracy (while China enforces green measures on other nations which makes their manufacturing expensive China maintains polluting and producing for cheap by comparison because they haven't implemented green measures) . Seems to follow a bit of Conspiracy Theory it can be fair to say.

What have US people elected here, do they even know yet?

A Conspiracy Theory following President.

Will he demand the US Anti aircraft fleet from Area 51 be in the Macy's Day parade each year as a reminder of US UFO supremacy?

Does he know where Micheal Jackson is living right now?

Does he already know what the "speech" is they give every president to trick them into doing what they are told (the fake alien story  they have used for decades)?

Will all the secret US technology be revealed taking the USA far into the future. Airliners will be obsolete compared to anti gravity craft which don't need wings.

Will Trump release Free energy technologies removing the need for Oil and crushing the Middle easts ability to make money?

A whole lot of possibilities if he is the real deal.


All he has to do is cut a deal with Wall Street. If he can keep them thinking they will still keep on accumulating as they always have they won't shoot him. Just a matter of creating a deal equitable to both parties.

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