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Why the end isn't what you think but rather what is known.

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 CRT    45

I stumbled upon this serendipitously, it's entitled "Cowspiracy."

woops, wrong video, lol. 

Here we go: 


If the figures are correct, then forget about world wars and political garbage. This is mind jolting. Not sure if we can recover. Addiction to oil? Not so bad except for the killing and wars part. This addiction to meat could kill us all and I really find meat quite tasty sad to say.  I do love animals. I don't know if we can recover from this without some time of technology to cull methane and maybe we should start 'growing meat' instead of raising it-if that's possible as was shown by a PETA contest to see if scientist could grow tasty steak in a lab. The reason we have so much junk that is claimed as food is we don't have enough because we're giving all our food to livestock. The video states that in 1912 the planets population was about 1.5 billion. 100 years later we're around 7.5 billion. The video, imo, if very good with facts and figure if they're true. I could go vegan, maybe 6 days a week. It's disturbing to think our dependence on tasty meat is actually the culprit for deforestation, water supply dwindling and I'm sure a whole host of other problems we face as a species. 

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 Jostler    2,216

Both of those videos are incredible works of skill.  I had no clue anyone could possibly pound so much BS into such an incredibly short span of time :)

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