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There are so many of them!

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 Cinnamon    27,544

The number of crooks running roughshod over our lives in every single way is legion.  They are evil, lying, cheating, stealing useless, child murderers, kidnappers and traitors to the U.S..  All they do for a living is sit around and think up ways to make us poorer and less in control of our own lives. 

There are lots of people out there that want just that and these Communist/Marxists have amassed an army of mentally deficient assholes, the likes of which the world has never seen, in number.  Their followers have lost all sense of self preservation.  

I have heard people who have been in CT for 10 years and know all this stuff say they wouldn't fight to defend their own lives.  Ok, then.  Darwin was right about survival of the fittest.  And these stupid f***s won't last 10 minutes if it gets violent and don't have the brains to stay away from it, they're attracted to crowds.  The city dwellers are controlling this country in several ways.  Political PACS is mainly how they do it and why all the cities are turning Communist/Marxist. 

Most CT people seem to be made of much more rugged stock.  

The U.S.A. will be the only country ever taken down by the dumbest of the damned dumb because they emotionally manipulated enough people with their massive hoaxing of traumatic events like schools shootings with the happiest relatives and friends ever of these dead people that people don't dare question it.  It's the same thing they did when people questioned 9/11.  I remember getting totally destroyed for bringing that up in 2006.  They used the "it's disrespectful of all those dead people and their families.  I look back on that now and wonder what they're thinking down.  Only the dumbest of the dumb believe the "Official Story".  

The Democrats are Communist/Marxists.  Please understand that first and foremost, they are NOT liberals or progressives, they've jumped that ditch already.  They are the matrix.  They believe that you can just tax everyone else for what they want.  Doesn't it make you want to work 3 jobs for them to survive?  How the hell did we ever get to this point? 

My rant will never stop. You don't have to read them, but I need to write them. I am not editing this, too tired. 


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 CSB    2,318

I think some people are forced to live with and fight their internal demons on a daily basis. Maybe they think they weren't cut out for life? Maybe they think they didn't have a choice to be here? And then at some point their demons get the best of them. They can no longer fight them off. Their demons can no longer be kept internalized. And that is the point they decide they no longer want to participate in life. Whether a genius or fool the ending result is only the evil they succumb too.


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 Voncroix    81

9/11 was meant to be easily dissected. Bill Clinton was purposely put in the news about his sex acts in the white house. He was the last elected president we will ever get. ( fast forward ) It's all planned and USA is meant to be the demon, The bad guy in the comic books. It's a manipulation to tell the world that this happens when you reach to be a powerful nation. People in the U.S will be so fed up with their own government and surrounding people; defending it will be a hassle. Nobody will come to help any time soon. Nobody will try to help defend the nation. It will be flooded with the blueprints from "Karl Marx" and the agenda will still go forward. Constantine didn't have the Christian support to change the rules and laws, He simply had the power to silence them and put words in their mouths. There is nothing we have "found" unless it is given to us, even our freedom. 

Texas is awesome, especially when it's 41% white. There is no place to go this time. Women are shaming men and men are wearing dresses to show defiance towards raped women. New flash: They are already raped. We can't catch up on birth rates because women have been taught and trained to work, be better than a man, because news/media tells you're smarter, men are tired of your shit and living alone is easier, single moms towards sons cant teach them to be a man, yet they get 82% of the custody, I wonder why... men are taught to be shamed, work their asses off or they're nothing in society, women are taught to be pretty pretty princess. Whites are the minority and the only race that will stand up against this fraud, yet we would rather wash our hands of anything and turn our cheek. Whites biggest weakness is apathy and they use it against us brilliantly.

It's a shame whites make up most of the police force, fire department, military defense, ect. and we police ourselves brilliantly. It's coming, it is coming. 9/11 was meant to be easy and nothing new is under the sun. I wonder if this is how Egypt fell.

The chemtrails are full of barium, and executive order was passed last year that the U.S citizens can be droned. We're walking light bulbs from X-ray vision.

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