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Is The CIA Trying To Influence The Election?

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 thedudeabides    2,372
10 minutes ago, DarkKnightNomeD said:

Monty ~


Published on Nov 6, 2016

It is only my opinion that Austyn is not just an average protestor. There are too many unusual situations surrounding this fellow! The United States has changed, this is NOT your Father's Country!



Clearly an operator, Likely a S.O.R.T Member, likely a Psy Op specialist.

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 MKMinimum    180

At this point I think we just have to accept the fact that no matter what happens Hitlery will get it. I am sure it won't be fair and square but there will be nothing that can be done about it. Too many power players on the side of corruption. I feel like it will just be rammed down our throats and we will all choke on it.

Sorry to feel this way but today with the FBI thing just felt like a boot in my ass.

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