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Duterte: Billionaire Soros funding Human Rights Watch

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Duterte on Friday homed in on Human Rights Watch, which he said was attacking him to justify a $100 million, 10-year grant philanthropist George Soros promised it six years ago.

"This Human Rights Watch of New York, that belongs to Soros. Soros was the financier. That's him. It's his grant," he said.

"They have funding money. They will really attack to justify. They chose me... they're pounding on me. That is fine, editorials every day. I can swallow that."

Duterte's relentless assaults on Washington have baffled the country's biggest ally, but do not appear to have resonated among Filipinos and the local business community, which has expressed concern.

A recent opinion poll of 1,200 Filipinos showed they had far greater trust in the United States than they did in China, which Duterte has been praising and courting strongly.

Duterte invited his countrymen to protest if they disagreed with him.

"If you think America will be good for you, if you want to be a (U.S.) territory ... if it is to your personal interest, go ahead and join the demonstration," he said.

"And maybe you can convince me to leave the presidency. But at least I leave without being treated like a pig by the Americans." 


Soros... funds and controls! 

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Soros various exposures lately have been really interesting food for thought.  He's been declared persona non grata in Russia and now seems to be suffering the same rejection by the leadership of the Philippines.

I've actually developed a big picture theory that plausibly explains how such high level, well connected globalists (I'm waiting for dirt and resistance to start dropping on Rockefellers, Royals and Rothschilds too) and globalist institutions like the Clinton Foundation are getting so much unwanted attention and exposure lately.

If we do see other prominent globalist families suddenly having their messes bubble up to the surface of the cesspool I'll have to find a way to explain it.  lol...right now its so massively parallel and interconnected i am struggling to figure out how to even begin to present the picture coherently.  I keep inching closer to starting a thread on the hard core side, but get overwhelmed and punk out before i hit "send" :)

DNA, the Image, transhumanism, cyborg unions  of flesh and computers, self aware machine intelligence,  global government and that long expected singular global leader, evolution, love of the truth and aliens all get included.  How the heck to you bite that donut?

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