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Breaking: loretta lynch hit with federal lawsuit over secret meeting on plane with bill clinton

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 Malevolent    2,819

How about doing a lifestyle audit on the women.  A thorough forensic audit of her and direct family bank accounts may just reveal some .... donations.  

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 CSB    2,038

You should listen to them liberals speak, there's nothing inside those skulls. If you really want to know what is inside their heads, go to Walmart and buy a Ping pong ball and open it, you'll find out they contain the same thing .

Just saying !

It's been hard on me to watch all this my mind is becoming a cesspool of thoughts and questions . My question is; Is there any news that's dependable with out question ?

Everything is going crazy he said, she said, they will release more info tomorrow ; keeping everyone on the edge . Is this all a scripted play to confuse the public ?

What a dog and pony show ! :popcorn:


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