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Facts about Philadelphia

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1. Philadelphia County is the poorest county in the State of Pennsylvania, on a per capita basis.

2. The vast majority of the people in Philadelphia are poor.

3. Philadelphia, along with other multi million person cities in the USA have America's most violent and dangerous schools.

4. Philadelphia has about 2 million people, yet it averages more murders per year than ALL of Australia's nearly 30 million strong population, AND far and away more OTHER crimes as well, it is so crime filled, that it warranted an international BBC documentary all about the crime rate in Philadelphia.

5. Philadelphia is ranked as one of the worst places in America / Western World to raise children.

6. The Standards set by the Philadelphia Department of Education is on a par with the rest of the cities in its general location, but the average academic performance of the students, and the performance of teachers is BELOW average for its location.

7. Pennsylvania is often popularly thought of, as being part of the Northeast, but the reality simply is... it isn't.   It's part of a Geographic location called the Mid-Atlantic, that acts as a buffer between the Typical American South, and The Northeast  (which is New England)...  and True Northeast states like MASSACHUSETTS, CONNECTICUIT, VERMONT, AND RHODE ISLAND, have a better educational system than any other region of America, including the Mid Atlantic of which Pennsylvania belongs to, and a lower crime rate as well.

Pennsylvania therefore takes on traits that are combination of the Northeast, and the South, and the South has a higher crime rate, and lower educational standards and more poverty.

This popular misunderstanding of the Human Geography of Pennsylvania has legs, and those legs are long enough for Pennsylvania to not have the proper programs, and the proper funding and the proper attention that it needs.


That's the truth about Philadelphia.


Btw, I'm from there and I was raised there, and I seen the place through Adult Eyes. and I read other people's perspectives and seen the documentaries and watched the news..  and that's how I know.

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Big cities are often alien islands in their own states, esp. if they have large percentages of blacks. The Great Society has utterly destroyed the black family. By design. They are the chosen people in a way, the first group to be crushed by the nwo to set the stage for the agenda. They have been reduced to helpless victims of the entitlement state. Philly is where we're all going.

I was born and raised in western PA, near the plain people, Amish and Mennonites. When the crash comes, they will not notice it, until the city people come.

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