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Something Is Amiss

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 CSB    1,665

Something is amiss ! And I can't put my finger on it . What ever it is it's bigger than anything that has ever been seen before .

Yellowstone ? Sunburst ? USA being attacked ? WWIII ? Lady GaGa getting a brain transplant ?   

For more than 25 years I have read a lot of stuff about world domination vea genocide ; I read about all the wars, new laws and chaos . 

What is it that is keeping me from my sleep and has made my mind wonder ? Over the last two weeks are so; my life has been

messed up; turned up side down maybe even inside out . nights and days turned around with strange dreams/visions where the days are clouded with a gray view of everything and every human and animal in them are silhouettes; buildings, trees, street signs, fire hydrants and even the streets are at a tilt . Has the earth shifted on it's axis ?

I have never before ever had such dreams . Silhouettes " REALLY STRANGE "

I can't be the only one !


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 CSB    1,665

those are visions of whats to come from this illegal administration

​Scary to say the lest . I have always had dreams/visions but this is a new level . Never before have I seen such . Most of my dreams are in color and everything is mostly normal .

I am thinking that we as a planet are at a tipping point of something big .  

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 Lucy Barnable    2,717

Yes, something is changing but I can't say what or how.
This does happen from time to time but this time it's more extreme.
The tension is so palpable one doesn't have to be an empath to sense it.
I can clearly see it in many people. They're agitated, confused and a bit aggressive.

Are you seeing these silhouettes in both dream state and waking state?
Would you 
classify them as Shadow People or just unfocused?


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It means the things you see besides being a grand ploy are not what
you believe them to be, even though their plot seems to be self revealing.

When the light is hidden behind the intended attraction, it will be silhouetted
and obscured. Only when the light is head on from the viewers side can they
see it for what it truly is!

Things are "NEVER" what they seem!

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