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FEMA prisoner box cars with shackles and guillotines in America?

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 CSB    1,664

 I have seen these my self .. I lived in Portland Oregon at one time . I just wanted to confirm that these boxcars exist


There is a sensational article “FEMA Ordered 102,000 Boxcars with Shackles” on Project.Nsearch, written by Anna Janek, Oct. 19, 2012, which was re-published by BeforeIt’sNews. The article claims that FEMA prisoner boxcars fitted with shackles and guillotines (!) have been seen across America. !

Fallow the link before you call me crazy .  :ph34r:


This video was Uploaded on Mar 18, 2009 but is a good view of what I saw ....




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There may be Guillotines and camps prepared for use......but these trains aren't it.

This is a famous disinformation meme dating from at least 1995 .............






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Nothing is crazy anymore, and nothing surprises anymore. We have all become
numb and desensitised a little more each day, and now it would seem we have
all reached our limits.

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