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Video + Article - DARPA welcomes New Huminoid Robot into War Arsenal

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 DarkKnightNomeD    1,611

This will be a two parter 

Humanitarian Aid or Killer Terminators? US Military Awards $2m to Autonomous Robotics Team

By Gary Franchi on June 9, 2015


Read the rest of the article in the link above.


Pomona, CA — The DARPA Robotics Challenge finals in Pomona California has just concluded. A new robotics team has been crowned and awarded $2,000,000. Twenty-five teams from around the world entered their autonomous robots to compete in real world challenges based on man-made and natural disasters.

South Korean – Team Kite – won the $2,000,000 award.

DARPA stands for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and they have been hosting challenges similar to this for years.

While this challenge didn’t include wielding automatic weapons or grenade launchers, it does have some concerned that these robots are the first step towards autonomous terminators as seen in the popular Hollywood film franchise.

The world is moving faster towards autonomous Drone technology; the sky is the literal limit to what this technology will be programmed to do. Recently the Air Force’s X-47B Drone completed the first ever autonomous mid-air refueling. Perhaps its next test mission will be a fully autonomous bombing run?



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