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I quit boxing when I was 16

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My niece asked me why I quit boxing... so I told her this.

After I knocked my dad out in the middle of the living room... whether I was right or not, in the eyes of some I assume the role of bad guy.

Bad guys in Boxing were always the champagne bottle that didn't break when it was banged on the bow of the ship...
the 7 that comes up on a dice pair... its bad luck.

The promoters make a lot more money off of us...they continuously find better and better, and bigger and bigger and faster and faster and heavier and heavier boxers to fight against us before we're ready to take them on... and then they bet against us.

And what happens is the margins for victory become slimmer and slimmer even if I continue to win.

That poses risks to my health... and I can't get the good promoters... I get assholes like Don King after they know who THEY THINK I am, and I can't get the good trainers and managers either.

I was definitely right for knocking my dad out.... but all it takes is 1 guy to make me the bad guy, and do their best to get me out of boxing, or at least dishonor me.

So I just left, the day after, never went pro

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