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You don't have the right to question police ! Really ?

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On his YouTube channel, Picard explains how the night progressed:

As Picard engages in conversation with one of the officers, their conversation becomes frank, quickly.

The officer explains how stopping every car on the road and detaining them, somehow stops DUI’s. Picard retorts by saying that he only witnessed one car being suspected of drunk driving all night and the others are merely guilty until proven innocent.

In an email, Picard told the Free Thought Project about a recent DUI checkpoint conducted in the area. In New Britain, CT, 693 cars were checked, and not a single person was charged with DUI.

“No matter how small the violation of our rights, there is always a natural inclination by those in authority to push the envelope, to empower themselves,” Picard explains.

At the end of their conversation, this officer gets tired of the fact that his authority is being questioned; he then proves Picard’s above statement.

“You don’t have the right to question me about what we’re doing out here…Freedom of speech does not include questioning me, it doesn’t work like that,” says this Hartford officer as he ducks over to another car to violate their right to travel unmolested.

The irony here is that the 1st amendment was explicitly written to protect the act of questioning authority. This officer epitomizes what the founders had in mind when they wrote it.

And so continues the cycle of the police state. A group of individuals, created and funded by the people, refuse to be questioned by the very source of their existence. Some would call this tyranny. Unfortunately, others still hypnotized by the ostensible “security” provided by the police state, call it “heroism.”


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