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Without Bound-Perspectives on mobile Living.

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As a child I grow up in a small house with 3 bed rooms . There is 4 children in my family two boys two girls . My dad partitioned two bed rooms with a wall . They were small rooms I got accustom to living in a small space and too weather permitting us kids stayed out side most of the day making the house seem small . and then for over 25 years I lived on boats from 28 foot to my last one that was 61 foot . I love the idea of living off the grid ; being mobile has always taking my interest . 

How much does anybody need? Without Bound: Perspectives on Mobile Living seeks to answer this question through testimonials from people who voluntarily live "off the grid" in any form of vehicle or mobile home. Noting that 47% of the average American's take home pay is spent on housing, the film focuses on the imbalance of freedom versus comfort in modern society.

From the onset there is a line drawn between that versus those who are stuck in homelessness due to unfortunate circumstances and those who take the choice to live small . The film's subjects are all living in vehicles by choice, and emphasize the societal constructs that stand to be questioned and challenged, namely a consumer mentality that dictates a constant sense of need. By scaling down and moving into a vehicle, be it a van, camper or RV, or boat the subjects argue that mobile life makes up for a reduction in living space by allowing more mental space to re-evaluate one's actual needs.

This video is 50 minutes long Sorry . Good food for thought .

I think in time like China we will be forced to live in small places . It's coming into play now . Bigger buildings with smaller apartments smaller houses on smaller lots .



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