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Corrupt Courts Debtors’ Prisons

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 CSB    1,660

I ran up on this today and I thought it would be of some interest .  Copy & paste . :37Vju9V:

Would you believe that in modern day America people are being incarcerated for being too poor to pay fines even though debtors’ prisons were outlawed in the U.S. in 1833?

The practice was still so prevalent, even after being outlawed, that the U.S. Supreme Court weighed in on the issue 30 years ago, ruling that judges couldn’t send people to jail for simply being too poor to pay fines.

Nonetheless, some courts continue to engage in nefarious revenue generating schemes with for-profit probation companies that violate the Supreme Court ruling and continue the ugly tradition of debtors’ prisons. Check out this excellent video about it from the American Civil Liberties Union.



Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/corrupt-courts-for-profit-probation-companies-running-outlawed-debtors-prisons-nationwide/#XqVoeuiLsf9v2Hpk.99

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Anything for a sheckle  Most every judge is a jew shyster that ignores the law and his oath. I am so sick and tired of these vermin screwing up my nation. Franklin was right and we should have passed laws banning them from America and especially holding any position of power. Now look at the shit this nation does because a few scumbag dual citizens hold office and swear alliegence to israel

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