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D-day led to the end of the Nazis

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Problem was America fought on the wrong side. Even Patton our greatest General said that because he knew the real enemy is and always was the bolshevik jew. You know that merry band of blood thirsty liars who murdered 60 million Russians and had changed their names, like lenin marx and engals Yup those same phony loud arrogant psychopaths who control the media and feed us propaganda  control the Govt with dual citizen treason committing filth allowed to hold office  getting us into wars for israel . Control the money by their bullshit fed res and print up tons of worthless fed res notes equal to tolite paper. Just imagine for a moment how much we as humans could have gone if we werent being played off on each other. I doubt that really any wars would have been fought after 45 if these warmongering  jews had not been around. Palestine would still be a nation and never has had a military. The Nabka never would have happened The USS Liberty would not have been attacked Iran would be open markets for trade Untold billions in aid to israel could have been spent of Infrastructure, Space Exploration  Starvation would not be a problem America would still be exceptional instead of hated for supporting and aiding mass murder and genocide. None of this garbage social engineering and the failures of socialism, how much less vile and treasonous politicians selling out their nations for bullshit phony money to run of the mill con artists. There is no doubt that the constant interference and stiring up problems to gain a few sheckles has held humanity back from developing and spreads their ill will and discontent and keeps human beings from seeing the truth. Go ahead and think about almost any corrosive action against America or the Liberty and Freedom  that is the base for this Republic and I can almost guarantee that the problem has a jew name on it  As an Example think of all the Rights we have lost because of this phony war on terror and DHS involvement  By the way its a jew agency that answers to tel aviv and is run by a jew name chertoff In Russian means son of the Devil. DHS groping and feeling up old ladies and making Travel, sporting events even puiblic transportation  a pain in the ass. Border checks 50 miles inside the nation and this whole constitutional Free Zone 100 miles from borders is a pathetic joke. How2 about the militarization of police? a jew DHS action. Now police are trained by idf  flunkies to act likee an Army of Occupation and Real; Americans are domestic terrorists?  Ask yourself why do we always have shitty canidates in elections ? because they have to grovel at the feet of zio trash like sheldon adelson promising to sell out Americans and put israels needs first for campaign money Filthy dirty money that gets repaid by doing their bidding. Just look at the Freedom of Speech be used by jews to incite violence with cartoon drawing contests insulting the religeou beliefs of others. How about one with the holocaust as the subject? Speaking  of that how does anybody let their kids be taken to a place where they are fed lies and made  to see that most far fetched fairy tale since the Grimms quit writing them.  If there is ant truth to the official story that why is it protected by law from even questioning any part of it. Name one single other event where it can not be studied questioned or investigated ? There isnt one This is the biggest fraud ever pushed on Humanity to try and shame people and keep the victim industruy money flowing in andas an excuse to do far worse things to others. Up to a hundred million people lost in WW2 and for some reason only 6 million are  constantly pushed in your face as the only ones that matter. The placque at Auswitz went from 4 million to 1.5 million  killed but the 6 million never changed  This is but a small piece of the giant mistake of which side America fought on and how the world has become a far worse place. By the way I bet the destroyed city was once a very beautiful place. I bet anybody living in Ukraine would agree that it was a giant mistake but another example proving me right.

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