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Animals and Wildlife

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This is what I told my niece

I understand that SeaWorld isn't the only place in the world where fun can be had.

But the Answer that I have, for assholes like peta, who if it were up to them, I would be living in a teepee in an environment where I am prey, where I'm impoverished nowhere exists for me to spend my day besides the middle of nowhere..and I have nothing..is no.

The Answer to me being cooped up in an apartment all day with nothing to do because god forbid some LOWER LIFE FORM... might serve a purpose in this world where humans are the king..Is no.

The Answer to me living a sedentary lifestyle in a place like Oklahoma, never knowing that anything exists, is no.

The Answer to me having a diet that exposes me to the risks of getting nutritionally based diseases like Rickets and Beriberi..is no.

The Answer to me supporting the poverty of Animal experts and killing lifelong dreams, LIKE yours is no.

The Answer to me killing the human economy, for the sake of some individual Animal, is no

The Answer to me slaving in some hot steaming kitchen all day, and then going back home to an Apartment somewhere in Arkansas, and never going out, and never having any fun, is no

The Answer to me doing less than the best that I can do, surrounded by other humans, and being uncompetitive and devolved is no

Everything has its balance, and WE are part of the balance too.... we're here because we're supposed to be here, not because we just robbed the planet... this is OUR planet... This planet no longer belongs to other species... this is now the HUMAN planet.... and other animals are here as our servants, not as our equal. 

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And then they go and moan about how great natives are...   after judging the world by the standards that they do.


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