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Video - Gun Restrictions On the Horizon - Be Prepared Now!

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At least there wont be an ammo shortage when all those billions of rounds DHS {We the taxpayer} bought and now need to liberate  from the enemy, Ill bet there will be a glut of Rifles similar to those  ARVN rifles  famous for never being fired and only dropped once.  This is our home  This is not going to go well for the invaders and their sell out lackeys because anybody who passes an order or obeys an order against the Constitution  or the Rights of the People is an enemy of We the People. To all those shitstains who say the Constitution dont exist because of some legal mumbo jumbo garbage passed by traitors back in history You are sadly mistaken because what dont exist is this pseudo war on terror and phony authority you grant yourselves. Secret courts and secret laws? LMAO  Either way you are invaders and traitors that is all.

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