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Pope To Declare “The Aliens Are Coming” 5th June 2015

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 Ukshep    21,648

Well i heard this a while back and it seems the date is very soon. As in Tomorrow.


According to SkyWatchTV:

”Pope Francis is reportedly about to disclose the existence of extraterrestrial life. Whether or not this claim is true, two things are sure: 

We’re supposed to believe that ETs exist, and this pope is committed to transforming the way all of us live.”

The Catholic church has been pondering over whether there indeed is a far more technologically and intellectually advanced sentient species elsewhere in the galaxy?!


Pope Francis believes apparently believes so and according to rumour on June 5th he will not only announce his intentions to prepare the human race for ET contact, BUT he will (according to many rumours) denounce the international corporate capitalist system, that is currently contaminating the planet with toxic consciousness and greed and making us all slaves to the dollar!

The Vatican’s Astronomer

More evidence building up towards the Vatican’s acceptance of aliens was when the president of the Vatican Observatory Foundation confirmed that it is only a matter of time before alien life forms are discovered, which will pave the way to questions about God’s relationship to intelligent beings outside our planet.

Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno speculated that the general public will not be too surprised when life on other planets is eventually discovered, and will react in much the same way it did when news broke in the ’90s that there are other planets orbiting far off stars.


More at the Source: http://csglobe.com/pope-to-declare-the-aliens-are-coming-5th-june-2015/


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Planned Military Industrial Complex Ages:

1. The Age of Communism
2. The Age of Terrorism
3. The Age of the Asteroid
4. The Age of the Alien

They may overlap well into one another, and
maybe even half of their ages may very well
run in unison. Or some may not overlap at
all, and there may even seem to be a defining
line where one ends and another starts. Makes
it that much harder to follow.

Some real, some fake and created, and some
will have basis for truth, but all will become a
deceptive force in the end! The Age of the Alien
will be a work of magnificence, and it will by far
outdo all the others combined!

For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets,
and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that,
if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.
Matthew 24:24kjv

A Deception Within A Deception.
Things Are "NEVER" What They Seem!

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 Lucy Barnable    5,365

He plans on bring them into his flock. :iTLtruh:

Pope Francis says he would baptise aliens: 'Who are we to close doors?'
Pope Francis has said that he would be willing to baptise aliens if they came to the Vatican, asking “who are we to close doors” to anyone - even Martians.
He said Catholicism was a church of “open doors”, and that it was up to Christians to accept the Holy Spirit however “unthinkable” and “unimaginable” it appeared.

“If, for example, tomorrow an expedition of Martians came to us here and one said ‘I want to be baptised!’, what would happen?”

Clarifying that he really was talking about aliens, the Pope said: “Martians, right? Green, with long noses and big ears, like in children’s drawings.”




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 garlic    2,639

No News yet. Half the day over for me.. We shall see!

I wish he would hurry up and make the announcement. I'm planning a welcome party for the aliens and I need to know what they drink.  I just hope its not blood. lol

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 Ukshep    21,648

As long as its not human blood. And with that quick thought we have a new movie concept. Alien Vampires from the dark side of the moon.

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 CSB    2,170

photo 145716ca737d_zps3be98fe0.gif    They are here ! They don't brink blood they eat people .


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 Lilly    91

I found this

Discernment Exercise | Clarification on The Popes "ET Announcement" and Daniel Sheehan's Predictions for Disclosure


Shortly after the Contact In the Desert Conference at Joshua Tree California, reports began circulating about an alleged prediction made by Daniel Sheehan, that Pope Francis would disclose the truth about ET contacts on Earth and announce that the control systems which have dominated the planet must end. In our effort to determine the validity of this statement we searched various official Vatican news outlets not able to find any confirming information. In and of itself this did not disprove anything, however many seasoned truth seekers have seen sensational predictions come and go with little tangible results, and we wanted to focus on what this means for us as seekers more so as to say it is fact or fiction.


From his prominent support for Dr Stephen Greer’s Disclosure Project, it is clear that Sheehan believes that a cover-up of extraterrestrial life has been underway for decades. The title of his Sunday lecture also reveals his belief that recent statements by Vatican astronomers suggest that the Pope Francis is also committed to the idea that it is inevitable that extraterrestrial life will be discovered through astronomical observations of exoplanets. Such a scientific discovery, for Sheehan, may well be a back door to disclosure of the decades-long extraterrestrial cover up.

I contacted Sheehan on Tuesday morning for confirmation of his remarks. He explained that the Yournewswire report was mixing up different talks and topics.Indeed, Sheehan was making a prediction for June 5. It was that Pope Francis would release an encyclical about “global climate change” and how “transnational corporate capitalism” is a major factor. The Pope’s predicted encyclical will be critiquing global capitalism. Sheehan also confirmed that he had discussed Vatican astronomers who had raised the societal and theological implications of extraterrestrial life.

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University of Arizona, Vatican and Jesuits Name New Telescope ‘Lucifer’

Housed at Mt. Graham, critics wonder are the ‘evil ones’ planning a staged end times scenario

By Greg Szymanski, JD
April 23, 2010

The University of Arizona, together with the Vatican and Jesuit Order, announced today it named its newest high-powered telescopic instrument ‘Lucifer’.

There has been a great deal of speculation, among Vatican critics, why in the first place the Jesuit Order was allowed to build a huge stellar observatory on Mt. Graham in Arizona – on holy Indian ground – in cooperation with the state-run University of Arizona.

With the naming of Lucifer, critics claim the Vatican has showed its true colors, using God and Jesus as shills for their true master — Lucifer.

According to an article in Popular Science by Rebecca Boyle the “new instrument with an evil-sounding name is helping scientists see how stars are born.”

The article went to explain the name Lucifer stands for (deep breath) “Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research.”

“And yes,” according to Popular Science, “it’s named for the Devil, whose name itself means “morning star.”


Or are they looking for Planet X? or at a spaceship fleet of aliens who want to "serve" man?  "To Serve Man" was translated from Alien to English -- as a cookbook. Boy, do I miss that tv show.




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