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The Cost of a Coke

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I like to watch a good documentary and this one caught my attention . Sharing here . 

Ok it's a copy and past . 

Coca Cola, has actually been cooperating with paramilitaries in Colombia to execute workers in their own bottling plants that are trying to form unions and trying to demand better working conditions. So we've been able to bring this to the attention of Universities and say 'if Coca Cola doesn't stop doing this and if Coca Cola doesn't adopt different practices, then our University is no longer willing to have anything to do with Coca Cola.

In the world of the Coca-Cola Company, whenever there's a union there's always a bust, whenever there's corruption there's always the real thing, yeah!! Justice Productions second release, The Cost of a Coke: 2nd Edition is the updated version to Matt Beard's first documentary, The Cost of a Coke.

The Cost of a Coke: 2nd Edition explores the corruption and moral bankruptcy of the world's most popular soda, and what you can do to help end a gruesome cycle of murders and environmental degradation.


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All of its bad for ya, Water especially since Fluoride is added yet in top ten poisons known. But its good for your teeth and to drink ?

Water is a necessity for sustaining life Two weeks with out food a few days with out water and a few minutes with out air, Look up Victor Scauberger and the concept of living water.

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