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Freedom of Speech Rally: Bikers to Stage Anti-Islam Event Outside Phoenix Mosque Today

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Published on May 28, 2015

Arizona authorities are bracing for an anti-Islam biker rally scheduled outside a Phoenix mosque. John Ritzheimer, an ex-Marine organizing the event called for participants to come armed and draw cartoons of Prophet Mohammed.

Ritzheimer says he is targeting the Islamic Community Center because the two Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) sympathizers who attacked a Texas event featuring caricatures of Mohammed used to attend the mosque.

“This is in response to the recent attack in Texas where two armed terrorist, with ties to ISIS, attempted jihad. Everyone is encouraged to bring American flags and any message that you would like to send to the known acquaintances of the two gunmen. This Islamic Community Center is a known place that the two terrorist frequented,” says the Facebook invitation to the event. By Thursday afternoon, fewer than 300 out of nearly 3,000 people invited had indicated they might show up.


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I cant believe that these guys rallying around free speech the American Constitution and First Amendment are being used by a zio stooge to further destroy the Republic they say they love. Its free speech to insult Muslims but hate speech to Question the Holohoax.  or have a cartoon contest with that being the topic. Sounds like censorship to me . What about you fellow Bikers in New Mexico being screwed by the same people who are using you and making all Americans look stupid.

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They are not going to get far while Barry is sitting at the top of the heap.  The fish is rotting from the head...




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