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A world that don't always add up

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1. While the greatest boxing champions in boxing history have no criminal record, and grew up middle class... the most champions in boxing are both poor and have lengthy criminal records.

Maybe it does make sense that the best of the best in boxing would have been of sound mind and spirit.... but having the most champions in boxing being poor and with a criminal record does fly in the face of economics.

A middle class or a wealthy person can afford the best trainers, they can afford the best physical exercise programs, and more exercise programs, they can afford more and better food, they can afford the medical care.

All those things that make an athlete, the middle class and wealthy can afford more of it, just like they can afford more and better anything else.

Yet they rarely take advantage of it, although when they do, they ARE the best.


2. The strongman athletes, the weightlifters, the bodybuilders are virtually all working class or poor...  yet again... the Middle class and the wealthy can afford the gyms, they can afford the professional training, they can afford the programs, they can afford the supplements, they can afford the food and the medical care.

3. Most of the world's greatest artists are poor.... yet the Middle class and the wealthy can afford the art supplies, the books, and the art schools..   the poor are the ones buying them and using them.

4. The poor are the most likely to own a gun....yet again the middle class and the wealthy can afford the high quality weapons that are going to keep them alive in battle.

Sometimes the world just doesn't add up

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