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America a Sad Place

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There has become to many people like this man . America has become a sad place




Man Builds Tiny House For A Homeless Woman Sleeping In The Dirt!



Homeless Man Does Unbelievable Act Social Experiment





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Oh but the recovery and the stock market at all time high? Hey but did you know that we have extra money to give to israel and give them, entire Ammo dumps so they dont have to pay for the munitions used to kill and displace all those Palestinians. Isnt that wonderful that 40 billion can be given to the jew owned and administered by jews  DHS to militarize the police and to purchase billions and billions and billions of Hollow Point and Match grade Ammunition. See the similarities the IDF treats Palestinians and the attitudes of American police since 9/11. Nice all law enforcement under 1 roof  run by jews. Protecting their interests and acting as Army of Occupation.  We grant forgiven loans[ Not to paid back] build Hiways Bunkers and Partition Walls. Hey our Country is falling apart but we can give israel all it wants. Maybe because israeli dual citizens are allowed to hold office and put isreal first. Dont fret America your supporting the only democracy[APARTHEID] system  in the Middle East with the most moral army[Who hand out Tshirts for sniping children] demands it.[demands it] Oh DWTS the stars is on....
and after all god chose them [Had his only Son Crucified] and that excuses them to do as they please and any questioning or exposing them is anti semetic hate speech not covered by First Amendment. If it insults other beliefs or other groups  any other than jews, jews are protected because they have suffered so much that every body owes them. The are always and the only  victims who matter. They will not be questioned or stray from the official story by laws.

Yet the rest of the world sees us as Stupid Americans.

Now how about those bikers in Phoenix supporting a free speech event that is already known to incite violence  yet its about protecting free speech. Free Speech as seen by a scab zio rat pan geller and her cronies. What about your fellow Bikers in New Mexico Who were set up and shot down like dogs by police who claim 45 second response time. All run by a federal Agency.  Guess who? Showing support for Fascism isnt very American. 

Yet the rest of the World calls us Stupid Americans.

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All means nothing if you listen to what Barry is doing to eradicate America as we know it!




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