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Does 'triangle UFO' snapped over Shropshire prove US tests TOP SECRET TR-3B craft in UK?

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Alien conspiracy theorists, who also believe world leaders capture flying saucers and reverse engineer them before creating their own hi-tech space craft, claim photographs of the bizarre object taken by a dog walker in Wrekin, Shropshire, could be final proof of the existence of the legendary TR-3B aircraft.

The TR-3B is alleged to be a secret "black project" spy craft of the US Government that can be flown into space.

Allegations include the crafts are created at top-secret military bases like Area 51 in Nevada, by reverse engineering alien technology.



I wonder how many UFOs sighted have a Made In U.S.A. sticker on them? 

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I'm sure a bunch are military. I just don't personally believe that the TR3B exist, some of the tech mentioned for it may tho. I donno I've just always heard from insiders that it was just a thing on the net and that what does exist is beyond what they say the tr3b is and it has a different name. I never got the name tho. 

Personally I've had my own experiences that truly can't be explained but I've also seen a couple black/gray projects flying around, the huge triangle is one and I def don't think it's alien. 

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