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I Support the Heroes that Robbed Kim Kardashian

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 Ukshep    25,452

I just saw this and could not pass up the opportunity to pass it on hehe!

I Support the Heroes that Robbed Kim Kardashian

In a daring and heroic act Kim Kardashian, living symbol of the vapid veneration of celebrities and mindless pursuit of profit, has had a gun jammed in her face and “was robbed of millions of dollars worth of jewelry while visiting Paris on Sunday night.“

In a country with a youth unemployment rate of 23.50% some unknown proletarians brought home the terror and degradation they face on a daily basis to one of the most despised creatures ever to crawl out of the cesspool that is the “celebrity scene.”

France has always been home to a peculiar and infamous strain of Anarchism that has struck fear directly into the hearts of the bourgeoisie since it’s inception: Illegalism. From Jules Bonnot robbing banks to Marius Jacob breaking into churches and the houses of the wealthy, the French elite have spent many a night dreading the return of Anarchists that had no time for peaceful marches or some far off revolution. The Illegalists fought Class War in the present tense, deeming all members of the wealthy as guilty and anything they had up for grabs:


“By refusing us the right to free labor society gives us the right to steal. In taking possession of the wealth of the world the bourgeois give us the right to take back, however we can, what we need to satisfy our needs. Anti-authoritarian, we have the burning determination to live free without oppressing anyone, without being oppressed by anyone. Current society, based on the absurd egoism of the strongest, on iniquity and oppression, denies us this. In order not to die of hunger we are forced to have recourse to various expedients: accept the stupefying and demoralizing existence of the wage earner: work, or the dangerous existence of the illegal: steal, and get ourselves out of our mess through means on the margin of the law.”


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