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They Aren’t Saying It’s Aliens, but It Might Be Aliens: “WTF Star” Mystery Deepens

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Our galaxy’s strangest star, KIC 8462852, has been raising a lot of questions — including some about little green men — for the past year. So what is so confusing about this star???


The star, KIC8462852, has confused astronomers because the light it gives off keeps changing in fast, drastic ways that do not follow any pattern. Between 2009 and 2013 for example, the star would randomly lose up to 20% of its brightness. Planets etc. revolving around it were ruled out because the dimming would follow a pattern in that case and this didn’t.

Penn State astronomer Jason Wright announced that it is possible that alien life may exist around the mysterious star.


The video explains it best. I suggest you give a listen if you have time!

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Good stuff Shep,  there is also a good T. E. D.  talk about the same star,  dyson spheres possibilities etc.  

I dropped a bomb on this forum over a year ago called  The Mother Load,  its under anonymous now,  But it also dealt with dyson spheres,  Advanced Civilization, what the gov knows,  all that. 

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