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Palmoni, Kaaba, the Days of Noah, the Son of Man, 144000, 666....all related by astronomy

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What do you think would be the reason those topics would be related by Babylonian / Sumerian mathematical astronomy ?

After all, gematria was adopted by the Jews in Babylonian captivity 

Such an interesting topic, especially considering the apparent contradictions posed by the scriptures

" No visible signs { of my coming } " ~ Jesus

" signs in the sky " ~ Revelation of John

Obviously the last book of the Bible, { especially the numbers },  are directly based on Mesopotamian mathematical astronomy that was sacred knowledge at one point

All the complex mathematical astronomy was highly guarded in the priesthoods and more often than not, passed down strictly in oral traditions much like oral Torah, especially in Heliopolis where there was little to no record of calculations of eclipse cycles, even though Heliopolis was the major center of Sun worship

Somehow, it made it into the Bible, except it was hidden underneath the Aramaic adopted by the Jews, in the form of mathematics

Whoever built the Kaaba in Mecca was well-versed in ancient mathematical astronomy  { as evident by it's distance from Jerusalem, and orientation that references the axial tilt of the earth from the ecliptic which in turn references the passing of the four seasons as defined in Sumeria as " UB " {{ the four regions }} and according to tradition, it was Abraham, father of the Jewish nation

Abraham was said to have studied mathematical astronomy in Ur, Babylonina and thus would have been well familiar with BOTH gematria { commonly in use at the time } AND mathematical astronomy { The foundation of the entire system of measurements in the Fertile Crescent }

So what gives, in your opinion ?


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