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Warning Preparing For Nuclear Attack – Russia Suspends Nuclear Pact With US & Prepares Citizens For War! WW3 Fears Escalate! Russia Builds H

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Warning Preparing For Nuclear Attack – Russia Suspends Nuclear Pact With US & Prepares Citizens For War! WW3 Fears Escalate! Russia Builds Huge Underground Shelters in Moscow

Europe and the United States are “embarrassingly” unprepared for Russian aggression, claimed General Petr Pavel.The warning comes amid concerns the Russian president is massing military firepower and troops close to the Ukrainian border. Today Putin banned revealing information about troop deaths in “special operations” during peacetime, as the Kremlin continues to rebuff accusations its soldiers are fighting in Ukraine.
Czech general Pavel, next chairman of the NATO Military Committee, issued a warning to Western leaders expressing his concern they are not ready for military action by Putin.
He said: “Russia could seize the Baltic countries in two days. “NATO wouldn’t be able to react to the situation in that time.” The Alliance would be forced to “weigh its positions regarding whether it would start a war – maybe even a nuclear war – against Russia for the Baltic states,” he said. Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia were all incorporated into the USSR by Stalin in June 1940, but are now members of NATO and the EU.

Over the weekend, Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted on TV that he was ready to use Russia’s nuclear weapons in order to fight for the Crimean peninsula in Ukraine. Wladimir Klitschko is claiming that Putin could ignite World War 3 by flouting international law.In a related report by the Inquisitr, not everyone is blaming Russia for WW3 fears. Ron Paul claims U.S. intervention in Ukraine by the Obama administration is responsible for the World War 3 fears, and one U.S. Navy SEAL claims an “unconventional” World War 3 already began due to a “lack of forward thinking” by U.S. officials.Against the warnings of the United States and NATO, Vladimir Putin ordered the military to move Russia’s nuclear weapons into Crimea. Missile systems were also deployed to Kaliningrad, a strategic position between Poland and Lithuania, as part of the Russian military strategy.

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World heavyweight boxing champion Turkey, Turkish Tanks Enter Iraq,Dboth regular commercial and charter flights is possibe,Turkey Detains Russian Ships In Black Sea, Blasts Moscow For Brandishing Rocket, Turkey Has 24 Hours to Withdraw Troops From Iraq,Bomb Blast At Moscow Bus “Turkish aggression”.Daesh, also known as Islamic State “aims to attack the UK next”

“This is nse to Turkey San Bernardino shooter Tashfeen Malik pledged allegiance to ISIS, shooting down Warships Enter Black Sea,Britsh Police Train For ISIS Chemical Biological Nuclear Radiological Attack,Students locked up in Swedish school after knife scare, Trade Organization, Germany joins anti-Isis military, German Bundestag approves sending 1,200 troops on anti-ISIS ‘support’ mission in Syria suspending its visa-free regime with Turkey from January 1, 2016.

Foreign the downing of a Russian warplane by the Turkish Air Force earlier this week.Anti-Daesh Operation in Syria Following US Counter Russia, war Iraq vs Turkey Baghdad issues ultimatum, Putin to nuke Syria. Putin approves economic sanctions against Turkey.

Russia prepares citizens for NUCLEAR WAR with the West and builds huge underground shelters in Moscow

The country’s media and officials have claimed America wants to launch an attack on Russia because of its intervention in Syria

Russia has started preparing its citizens for a ‘nuclear war’ with the West as tensions mount over Syria.

The country’s media and officials have claimed the West wants to launch an attack on Russia because of its intervention in Syria.

Officials announced on Friday underground shelters had been built which could provide shelter for Moscow’s 12 million people in the event of an attack.


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