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Timing Dangerous Hurricane Matthew, State of Emergency Declared In Florida and North Carolina

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 Ukshep    25,404

Preparations and prayers are underway as Hurricane Matthew set its sights on a number of islands in the Caribbean, with Haiti being among the most vulnerable. Mission of Hope Haiti, the formerly Fort Myers-based ministry, was already getting food and water lined up and delivered to the island over the weekend, while the storm was the topic of conversation at many of Haitian-Creole and Caribbean churches in Fort Myers on Sunday. As of 5 p.m. Sunday, Matthew, a category 4 hurricane, was about 320 miles south-southwest of Port Au Prince, Haiti, moving west at about 6 mph.

This hurricane is getting problematic!

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 Amethyst    330

Some are speculating Hurricane Matthew is weather mod

I did not think so, but it could be. Reasons? It is too small for a cat 5 physically (which means it could be entirely fake, a tropical storm or category 1 being lied about) or it could end up being dry. Hurricane Sandy was a nearly dry hurricane and was provable weather mod. If Matthew strikes and there is not a lot of damage, and not a lot of rain, that will be the litmus test.

Katrina was also provable weather mod (Nasa nailed that, see the Haarp report)


but in that case the ingredients for a nasty hurricane were already in place so it was nasty. With Sandy, they tried to force a miracle that could not happen and it arrived dry and weak.

Patricia, the so called "category 6" that hit Mexico was a lie, it arrived as a tropical depression with sub 70 MPH winds and did not even have an eye wall when it hit. There were zero deaths and the worst damage it inflicted was a gas station roof and nearby billboard that fell IN ALL OF MEXICO, THAT WAS THE SUMMATION OF THE DAMAGE other than a few downed trees. It did not even knock the power out where it supposedly made landfall. The global warming crowd wanted a category 6 to plug into the climate change scam and I guess NOAA figured Mexicans would be stupid about what a hurricane is. So with regard to the current hurricane Matthew, they have lied before and have proven you can't trust what they say.

Anyway, wait and see I guess. If the winds are awful and it rains like hell, it will be real. If it arrives dry, it is man made. And if nothing at all happens, (like Patricia) it is fake.

If anyone is thinking about trolling me for Patricia (which happened before) don't forget, I WAS IN IT, spare me the grief! I have also been in crappy tired category 1 hurricanes that blew Patricia away. With Patricia, nothing at all happened, it was on par with a heavy (but not severe) thunder storm.

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