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Truth BWY

Trump Has Been Debating A Damn Humanoid Like Socialist-Robot

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Snip from the link. 


Here is the best information I have read so far:


Hillary wore a special suit constructed for her first debate with Pro-American, Donald Trump. This concealed a back and hip brace that allowed her to stand upright and not wobble for 90 min., medicine injection devices that kept her Parkinson’s symptoms of cough and seizures at bay, an emergency devise and steroid injections that kept her from falling asleep and displaying MS symptoms such as wondering eye. Will this suite save her and the people that are controlling her in the next debate?


A optimum performance for 90 minutes cannot be maintained as her health issues and medicines conflict, and the rage of this tight race makes her health worst. 


( Every knowledgeable and self-informed people in the country knows this obvious information.. BUT EXCLUDE  the ‘left-stream’ Media and their ‘useful-idiot’s..they are not on Our Side! Truther357 )


Hillary had a transmitter that fed via wifi to a receiver placed high in her outer ear. She also had a special tablet ( which the little man ‘in waiting’ hastily retrieved before anyone could see it )  among notes on her lectern that displayed words remotely  sent to her …this why she kept looking down. In addition, the bias moderator, Holt, was responding to signals Hillary gave to him, touching nose and face in various ways.


Source: EOZT & SOZT

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