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Will ObamaCare DISARM MILLIONS of Gun Owners ?

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 CSB    1,665

The Department of Veterans Affairs is disarming American vets by getting them put on the FBI’s background checks . This is not shocking many have long warned about the dangers of using medical information to disarm law-abiding citizens . The VA is sending the veterans personal medical and financial information directly to the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, which can seize their guns in home raids. And to for gun owners, this means wrongful denials when submitting to instant background checks while trying to buy guns.


My thoughts are, as soon as people grasp that this is not about a working or functional system to help. The people that designed this only have one thing on their agenda and it comes down to two words . CONTROL and DISARMAMENT . Because there is no conceivable way to have the one without the other.
The saddest thing is they will use the military when they deem . It to will be a slap in the face to the fired and or retired Law enforcement personnel city, state and federal .

Posted at YouTube May 26 2015

Meanwhile at the white house Obama has gone shooting .






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So are the muslims behind this too? Their massive political power and powerful people could only make this happen. but who are they? How come nobody is exposing this for the UN constitutional nature? Oh thats right there isnt any. Now that there is a majority of Republicans why is this still relevent? Could it be that they are the same as the dems and loyal to another nation and doing their bidding?  Oh no say it aint so....  Wait I remember seeing all of Congress and the House clapping like trained circus seals for who was that oh bibi   Dual citizen jews loyal to America ?????? LMAO

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