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Hillary Clinton Body Count Documentary - Serial Killer for President! (114 kills)

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This is the definitive documentary on the Hillary and Bill Clinton killing spree that has been ongoing since they burst onto the scene in Arkansas. A trail of dead and mysterious deaths surround the Clinton's and I document 114 and more deaths in this film that they are directly connected to. Hill and Bill are Illuminati puppets, that are killing off anyone who might expose the 4th branches operations. Bill and Hillary are some of the most proficient serial killers of all time and need to be put into prison immediately. 

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while some of the connections may be dubious the spread of suicides around the Clinton history alone seems too fortuitous for their careers.

They could never have done it all alone. They also must have the highest tech ( classified?) to be able to commandeer planes/cars (trains?)


Why else would they all be so smug about it knowing we know... crowd control is something they planned for.


The only thing they didn't take into account, ... well lets just say its the fly in their ointment.


The problem is they are dangerous and being backed into a corner.

... so is divine intervention.

Everybody wants her in jail but it is a lawless society.

Dear Lord, I Pray you bring us your vote of truth.

Lord Jesus, they are blind by circumstances originating in ancient history and divided by murmurs. I Pray in your name that the evil behind the scene is brought to its knees that all will know our Spiritual past and constant promise in future.

I Pray this insanity of blood-lust and letting bears guilt upon those whom would bring it.

Heaven alone knows truth and is able to bring Justice to this ... end

Only God knows all hearts and minds. Islam has a rock.

Show the world my Lord, I Pray your will be done.  

End the confusion



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