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Mind-boggling discovery: A 300,000-thousand-year-old skull with a BULLET hole?

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 Ukshep    25,437

The mind-boggling discovery was made over one hundred years ago when a miner found a 300,000-thousand-year-old skull with a perfectly round hole on one side. After numerous studies, experts concluded that the unlucky victim must have been impacted by ‘something’ with far greater velocity than a spear, prompting numerous questions as to what kind of technology could have created such damage hundreds of thousands of years ago.


One of the most mysterious skulls ever found is a Neanderthal cranium discovered near Kabwe, in Zimbabwe.

It was found by a miner who was searching for ore deposits in 1922. On the left side of the skull, a peculiar, small, perfectly round hole ‘decorated’ the cranium. Upon inspection, researchers thought it was produced by a spear or another sharp tool. However, further investigations revealed fascinating details that according to many prove advanced technology was present on Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago.

While examining the skull, experts found that the right side of the so-called Broken Hill skull had another peculiar characteristic: The side of the skull seemed to have been ‘blown away, but from the inside out.’


Not sure what could cause this. Spent a few minutes just spit balling in my mind. First i thought tiny meteor, then i remembered from the inside out. I'm left with only one logical conclusion. Everything was bigger back then, so maybe some kind of parasite like we have today but much larger. Eats its fill then exits by gnawing a circle out of the bone??

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