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A bird's-eye view into the new age PsyOp

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 Amethyst    330
1 minute ago, Amethyst said:

For more info follow link above👆


Bird's Eye View of New Age Psychological Operations ▲ The New Age Deception

"New Age Psychological Operations are successful societal engineering attempts in that which a supernatural spiritual ability is central to the belief system. I believe a reason the black ops sources chose this flavor of psy op is it enables a supreme vulnerability to remote influencing technologies. Implanted v2k thoughts can be psychic ESP. Technological End Game Virtual Reality cognitions can be remote viewing. Synthetic Dreams can be Astral Projection. Electronic Harassment can be “ascension symptoms” or psychic attacks. Mind Control can be spirit possession or higher self. I believe all of these cover stories were engineered to be popular for their providing remote influence ease and concealment." ~Quote from My Film War vs. the Truth.

In the era of New Age Psychological Operations there is an emphasis on controlled opposition in alt media. I have learned remote influencing technologies are rampant in the modern day turning targets into mind control asset false messiahs of sorts. It doesn't end there. This conspiracy also involves covertly engineered events with remote technologies to persuade into the belief system. After a few decades of constant societal digestion of mind control assets, and constant mind control programs aimed at persuading into the belief system, we have an engineered mass delusion of decently big proportions.

Ex-CIA Engineer Dr. Robert Duncan's book: Project Soulcatcher Vol II; page 285:
"I got to see what they have been working on with enormous ramifications to all social order, a new world order of electronically controlled humans without their consent or knowledge." ~Quote from a Whistleblower


The New Age Deception Blueprint:

• The Front Lines of the Information War
• Black Ops Technology Under a Spiritual Ability Cover Story
• Remote Influencing Technology Based Psychological Direction Under a 'Spiritual Ability' Disguise
• Remotely Done RF Mind Hacking Controls the Opposition
• Secret Technology Engineered Events to Persuade into the Belief System
• New Age Cover Stories Exist for Literally All Black Ops Tech Abilities
• Emphasis on Higher Power Taking Action for You
• Control the Opposition with False Light Information Sources
• Create False Messiahs with Remote Influencing Technology
• Bastardization of Modern Spirituality Information/Perception
• New Age Psychological Warfare Aimed to Obfuscate the Truth in an Internet Age
• Misdirection Related to Correct Actions in Opposing the NWO (IE: Meditate the World to Peace)
• Psychological Direction Intended to Cause Apathetic Mindsets (Solipsism, Saviorship Model, Ascension Model, Rapture Model, etc)
• Derivatives of the Truth Used in Disinformation
• Disinformation Modeled After Derivatives of Black Project Science Discoveries
• Cosmic Truths Used as a Derivation for Disinformation Concepts
• Disinformation Designed to Discredit/Contrast with Deeper Cosmic Truths
• Disinform the World in the Field of Extraterrestrial Information - Bastardization of UFOlogy
• Technological Mind Tricks of Many Types - Supporting of Psychological Operations via Black Project Technology
• Technological Channeling Mind Control Programs Under Cosmic Disembodied Spirit or Deceased Relative Facades
• Technological Psychic ESP as a Psychological Direction Method
• Technological Remote Viewing Under a “Supernatural Spiritual Ability” Cover Story
• Technological Mind Tricks and Psychological Direction Under a Supernatural Cover Story
• Synthetic Astral Projection Mind Control Programs (Virtual Reality Tech)
• Technological Remote Influence & Mind Control for NWO Agenda Enhancing Beliefs
• Invisible Black Project Technology Under an Interdimensional Being / Disembodied Spirit Cover Story
• New Age Mind Control Assets are Rewarded by Electronic Control Grid (What I have Coined as Dark Law of Attraction)
• Promotion of Belief in an Army of Disembodied Spirits Mind Controlling the Global Population in Many Avenues (A Cover Story for the Truth; Electromagnetic Science is the Culprit)
• Belief in an Army of Demons Eating Humanity's Emotions
• Black Ops Technology Under a Spiritual Warfare Cover Story
• An Assortment of Old Age and New Age Paradigms Chosen & Proliferated via the Electronic Control Grid to Enhance Aspects of a New World Order Agenda
• State Sponsored Disinformation Strategically Designed to Contrast in a Predicted Way with the Truth
• Demonization of End Game Technology - Predictive Programming of New Agers Aiming to Divide Population as Much as Possible with the Coming Future Technologies
• Predictive Programming of Both New Agers and Those Who React to New Age Information

"Directed energy weapons operate invisibly while the inducible mental limits of directed energy weapons are the limits of consciousness itself, this makes for an incredibly potent environment for illusions of all types." ~ Omnisense


NWO Created Religion - New Age Religion:

• New Age Set of Beliefs is a New World Order Engineered Belief System - The Global "Elite's" Psy Op Brainchild
• There is Nothing Potent Enough to be a One World Religion: The New Age Set of Psy Ops is the NWO Planted “Religion”
• New Age Religion Engineered with All Sorts of Psychological Pitfalls (IE: Solipsism, "Everything is an illusion", Apathy causing mindsets, etc)
• Misdirected/Misguided Opposition (IE: Meditate the World to Peace, "Let's Meditate CERN into Malfunctioning", etc)
• Act as a Dragnet to Imprison People Transcending Old Age Engineered Belief Systems into a New Manipulation
• Division of Population via Belief Systems (One looks Irrational to the Other and Vice Versa)

"Through the effective use of cover stories sources like the CIA hide an abundance of technological effects on society under a plethora of various facades." ~ Omnisense

"If your religion hasn't made you a better person, then it has failed you as a religion."
~ Immortal Technique


Technological Side of Things:

• Artificial Intelligence (AI) Orchestrates a Massive Set of New Age Mind Control Programs
• Directed Energy Weapons Remotely Mind Control the Masses (Electromagnetic Mind Control)
• Remote Neural Monitoring AIs Process Psychological Operations Thought Surveillance Data
• Cosmic Being Facades via Electronic Telepathy Technology (Telepathic Impersonations)
• Electronic Telepathy Tech / v2k Implanted Conscious Energies to Define Experiences Packaged as a Psychic Cover Story
• New Age Flavored Virtual Reality (VR) Psychological Operations (IE: Astral Projection as a Virtual Reality Intranet, Technology Based Mental Visuals Packaged as Supernatural Remote Viewing Ability, etc)
• Neurobody Tech Psychological Direction or illusions (Chakra illusions, Entity Attachment illusions, Ethereal Implant illusions)
• Constant Stream of Technological Psy Ops Being Perpetrated
• Technological Mind Control Programs are Old Enough Now they can Span the Entire Life of a Target (Firm Programming - They know nothing else)

“Well one thing is really clear, you can control the person's experiences and they don't know they are being controlled...” ~ Neuroscientist Dr. Michael Persinger


New Age Deception Objectives:

• Set Up Remote Influencing Technology Proliferation Concealing Cover Stories
• Internet Information War - Obfuscating the Truth
• Division of Population
• To Establish Methods of Controlling the Opposition
• To Suppress and/or Discredit the Truth Movement
• To Discredit UFOlogy
• Disinform the Open Minded Related to Extraterrestrials
• Predictively Program the Masses Regarding Coming Global First Contact Truths

"It seems AI has the power of the Matrix(in the movie) without the need for us to be in a pod plugged in." ~ Andrew Hale

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Whew that's quite a list... and I thought I was doing good to realize that Alien Earth and Lunatic outpost were CIA psyops. 

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Why would they want to discredit UFOlogy?  It's their (multi-layered) operation.

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I have a problem with the word 'supernatural.'

What does it mean? To me it is something beyond our feeble grasp. It has a logical explanation, but humans have a tendency to kowtow to anyone who claims to have mystical, magickal powers. It was easy to impress aborigines in the last century. Airplanes, guns, lighters, the iron horse railroad, etc. Are we more enlightened than they?

Is this all a psyop? Satanism, which is really the worship of Saturn, our previous sun?

I call Hillary a witch, as well as the biatch if Benghazi. 


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 Bad-Clown    0

Man-o-man, this stuff’s complicated.  So I’s gonna breaks it down fer yous.  Ain’t no psych-op and ain’t no new age.  It all comes from peoples not seeing the light inside their cage.  Peoples is tryin' to escape, but they don't knows how.  They thinks the machine is broken--and they could be right!

But alls ya has to do to fixes a broken machine is retard the spark.  Right now, we’s about 6-seconds retarded.  We has to hits 32-seconds terminal retardation…



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